Laptop & Coffee

'Someone else always has to carry on the story.'

- J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings'



I seem to have stumbled into a life that seems a little surreal. Somehow I'm trying to balance the metaphorical spinning plates of being an English teacher by day and a hermit writer by night. The other plates come, of course, in the form of holding on to my South Asian heritage, marrying it with my Western identity- all while trying to keep my faith in a world that seems determined to take it away from me. This year, I'm also a mentee in Penguin Random House UK's WriteNow scheme for a verse novel and, as another project, I'm trying to put together a little collection of accessible Islamic children's stories. 

Naturally though, amongst all of this, there are also times when I genuinely feel as though I've fallen down some rabbit hole and that maybe one day I'll wake up to find out that this was all a dream. Until that point, I want to use this as a space to share my reflections, snapshots of my journey and maybe other random ramblings all in hopes it'll benefit somebody other than myself.