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Updated: Jan 24, 2018

I guess there’s been some part of me that’s always wanted to blog, a part of me that’s always longed to articulate moments in the scrapbook of my imagination. For some reason or another though, I’ve always held back. 

So I read an article somewhere a while ago- it was about man’s need to be remembered, to leave a legacy and to become a legend. It sounds kind of glorified, but I found it really sad. It was the kind of article that entangled itself into your memory and disturbed you for days afterwards. I didn’t feel this way because of the content itself (working-class boys and education- or lack of education- I’m a teacher, by the way). It was because it talked about a frustrated generation determined to leave their mark in the world. The author was discussing the male demographic, rather than mankind itself, but I took it to mean the latter. Maybe this is what made me think about blogging- everyone leaves a print in cyber space, right? Maybe this is my minute attempt at leaving a mark.   

Anyway, for those of you curious about the title of this particular piece, it’s a reference to Hannibal (the television series). You’ll find out that I’m a little bit obsessed NBC’s rendition of the literary world’s most notorious cannibal and I’m also a huge bookworm. I love quotes and I have the annoying ability to churn them out at will- word for word. I’m a simple girl that likes to find meaning in the smallest of things- so if you’re sticking around, don’t say I didn’t tell you so. 

“Occasionally, I drop a teacup to shatter on the floor on purpose. I’m not satisfied when it doesn’t gather itself up again. Some day, perhaps, the cup will come together.”

- NBC's Hannibal


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